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This page is a shout-out to the things that are not food-related which I dearly love and wish to tell the world to support:

Nicora Johns Shoes and Boots

They make vegan shoes and boots HERE IN THE USA out of sustainable materials by cobblers and artisans paid a living wage. In their own words: "Shoes Handmade in the USA using all planet friendly materials. Suitable for Vegans. Creating products with accountability to people & the planet." I have a pair of the Sinclair Classic Slim-fit Men's boots and they are beautifully and skillfully made, very comfortable, and will last me a long long time. There is no other shoe-maker in the business doing such a great job and also having such an emphasis on ethics, not just the buzzwords and greenwashing, but truly caring about the intersectionality of oppressions.

Rummy Rose Burlesque

Rummy Rose is my dear companion and one of the greatest inspirations I've had the pleasure of knowing in all of my life. She expresses a profoundly tireless devotion to the craft of burlesque, costume design, choreography, and all types of dance; not to mention her mastery of hair and make-up. She's no longer just a Portland treasure as she has started to travel across the world bringing her brilliance and unrivaled beauty to the masses. 


Portland punks posting about our culture here; everything from shows, record swaps, radio shows, movie nights, swap meets, and all things in-between... Also the only place online to find out about shows at Black Water Bar for the time being.

Printed Matter 

Chris Strickland is a fantastic fellow; vegan, anarchist, punk, skater, hiker, and many more things. He is also Portland's premier Punk Master Screen-Printer. He has done shirts for folks like Tragedy, Wolves in the Throneroom, Limp Wrist, The Onion, Usnea, Black Water Records, Dead Moon, Scapegoat Tattoo, Sub Pop Records, Herbivore Clothing, and the list just goes on. Super professional, he was the main textile printer for Diesel Fuel Printing for years before branching off on his own in 2007. Support him when you need screen printing because he is the best!! 

PC-PDX Portland Show List

Incredibly useful Portland show guide. Includes all kinds of music with an emphasis on underground punk, metal, indie, hip hop etc and also house shows, DIY warehouses and unorthodox venues.

Black Water Records

This is the website for the DIY punk record label that Keith and Alex run. It is affiliated with the record store (223 NE Russell St, Portland, OR 97212) and the bar/venue (835 NE Broadway, Portland, OR) but this website has little to nothing to do currently with those other aspects of Black Water and for now is all of the web presence they really want to have.

Heavy Metal Vomit Party

This is the ETSY storefront for the exceptional artisanal wares of jeweler and all-around crafty metal bad-ass Kaiti Fink of New Orleans, LA. There is also a rad community-supported heavy metal midnight radio show of the same name here in Portland hosted by KBOO, but this is Kaiti's Heavy Metal Vomit Party!!

Baroness Wölfe

Bone, Metal, Stone. This witchy crafty metal lady mints impressive amulets and jewelry that would impress even the most harrowing of scallywags. 

The Know Bar (Portland)

Celebrating 10+ years of hosting DIY shows is no easy feat, especially on a strip like NE Alberta Street that has seen such rapidly accelerating gentrification and yuppie influx running amuck... and yet there it is in all of it's blue collar sticky-from-spilled-Rainier glory giving the fools in line across the street at Salt & Straw a defiant middle finger. We have few bastions of DIY culture left, and fewer still as perfect as the Know.
2026 NE Alberta Street, Portland, OR 97211 

Opium Hum

From a brilliant mind who has been a part of some seriously incredible music himself (Nux Vomica, Wake Up On Fire, Rotting Sky, Rohit, 57 Octaves Below, Döläge among others) comes a music sharing blog in the now trampled tradition of Aesop's Cosmic Hearse (RIP) and Invisible Arteries (RIP) etc etc... his eclectic tastes have impressed me to look into everything from frosty obscure black metal to acid-infected weird jazz, shoegaze, death metal, crusty d-beat, and so on...

Thrillhouse Records

Bad-ass volunteer-run record store specializing in punk and metal vinyl, including albums put out on its own record label, zines, cassette tapes and shirts. Keeping the freak flame burning in San Francisco's Mission District as long as they can...
Address: 3422 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110

1-2-3-4 GO! RECORDS

Across the bay in Oakland, they host DIY shows and have an excellent selection of punk and metal records and cassette tapes.
420 40th Street #5, Oakland, CA, 94609

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